Monday, April 02, 2007

Uh, WTF?

I enjoy a good joke as much as anyone, but seriously, this is NOT funny. If it had happened yesterday, I might have seen some humour in it, but come on, it's April 2nd.
Yesterday, the monkey was out doing yard work all afternoon with his new lawn mower and edge trimmer. That trimmer is a scary thing. I tried it and let it dip a little and *poof* the grass in that spot was gone. Nothing left but dirt. Turned a little and the damned thing went through a plastic plant pot like it was butter. Good thing we got what the guy at the store called the wussy one. Can't imagine what the "real" ones would cut through. Yikes.
But, that was yesterday. The sun was shining and I was thinking of switching out the winter clothes for the summer ones. Good thing I waited. Apparently, while we slept, our house was moved up into the freaking artic. Even Loki tried to get back into the house when we were starting off for our walk. Normally, he's waiting for me impatiently on the driveway when I come out with his leash. Not today. He was scratching at the door as I tried to get the harness on him. He kept looking up at me like I was insane to want to go out in that weather. Even when we got to the beach, he didn't want to get out of the car. He was looking at us like, "uh, why don't you guys go and I'll just wait for you here. In the car. Where it's warm and not full of that cold white stuff."

The almost week of sunny warm weather did help me get back on track with some projects more interesting than plain socks. This predrafted BFL got turned into this:

It's more three ply sock yarn, but I promise it won't be plain socks. I have a couple of sock patterns sitting in my head and I think I'll try them out with these last two batches of handspun.
I also started the Shetland triangle saturday night and it should be done later today. Pulled out some corrie that I had processed that's going to be a sweater for the monkey. I'm thinking three ply DK in a gansey. It's a really dark chocolate colour. Very Manly.
Gotta go make some tea now, still a bit frozen from the "bracing" walk on the beach. Hope to thaw out by the end of the week.


Melanie said...

Did you get the freaky hail storm at 3 AM? What an unbelievable racket it made. I hate to see snow on the cherry blossoms, it's just not right. Loki knows this.

Lurve the new sock yarn, yummy colours.

Denise said...

whoa! You really got snow! Holly and I saw some on the way to the Whidbey island but it was more the 'thick rain' variety.
I'm sooo ready for Spring at this point.

Is that BFL something that you dyed? LOVE the color, both in the unspun and spun state. Very nice!

Angela said...

We've had sunshine and rainbows ;) 40 minutes up the road.

You didn't want to know that though...

Kerry said...

preeeeeeetttttttty yarn!

That is hardly enough snow for that much whining.

Vicki said...

Did you dye that roving? It's really pretty, as is the yarn. Someday I'll have to try spinning a 3 ply yarn.

vanessa said...

you jinxed yourself with the last post ;-)
i can't wait for your book! if you need a test knitter, you know where to find me :-)