Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Last week was very productive.
Things were dyed:
Like this merino/silk for Holly.
Things were knit:
A pair of plain old socks in superwash merino.
Things were reknit:
It's the right size now and we're not to speak of this again.
This is the beach I enhanced my dose of skin cancer on in St Maarten. No one needs to ask why I want to live there anymore do they? Okay, except for the half-naked (as in only swimsuit bottoms) aging tourists, it's pretty much paradise. Be happy I spared you the view of the very large old man wearing nothing but a bright orange string thong that greeted our arrival.

Oh! I almost forgot. Chrissy had posted this on her blog a while back and I think everyone needs to see it. It's real. I know, I couldn't believe it either, but apparently it was made in New Zealand last year and is looking for distribution. I could not stop laughing. Enjoy.


Uli said...

Nice picture of St. Maarten.... can I go..... now please. Haven't talked to you in ages. Love the colours of the sock and the blue stuff you dyed. Cool.

I didn't even make it through week 1 of work..... I'm home sick.

K. said...

I...want...beach...*sob* That and...

You've been tagged!

vanessa said...

omg omg omg, that blue is gorgeous!!!
so glad we got to see each other again at madrona :-)

Angela said...

I think Holly cast on before the yarn was dry (wink)