Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How many people does it take to have a war

The remaining assassins from Sock Wars are now discovering some interesting things:
1. People have decided not to play and not told anyone. So there are folks out there receiving socks with absolutely no intention of making any for anyone else.
2. Due to forces of nature beyond anyone's control, not everyone got the mailing info for their victim and some of those victims refused to give it up. A lot of warriors wound up dead too soon 'cause their victims were asshats.
3. An online swap of this scale needs more than one person to run it. Poor Yarnmonkey must be cursing herself for starting this by now. There were upwards of 780 people signed up and with the dropouts and flakes, it's becoming a it of a cluster-you-know-what.
I don't know what will happen with my role in this right now. I've killed my initial target and am in the process of trying to get the dossier for my next victim (this actualy made me want to bang my head against the keyboard last night as the person I was dealing with (see 1) couldn't seem to pull her head out of her butt). I haven't heard a peep from my assassin and I suspect she's also a see 1.
It's been mostly fun. My victim's very nice and is taking her socks of doom to guild tonight.
That Motorhead song "Killed by Death" keeps going 'round in my head, only it's "Killed by Socks"...


Uli said...

Ha......... you've hit some good points. It sucks when people don't follow through. I decided to go for the secret way since I got my dossier in the first e-mail so I had mailing address and all right from the start for my target. She should be killed some time tomorrow or Friday but who knows whether she's still playing. She hasn't blogged about it but she did talk about it at some point and even had some hand dyed sock wars colours. So we'll see if I get an e-mail when the socks arrive.

hollyo said...

This is all making me SOOOO glad that my sign up got lost in the shuffle. You have no idea how glad.

vanessa said...

exactly why i never sign up for any swaps. i just know i would get f*cked.