Monday, July 31, 2006

Scotch and chocolate

Isn't that always the way things go? I had tried about four times to get Blogger to upload my pics and it wouldn't do it. I post the lists and suddenly, the pics upload just fine. Oh well, guess there's worse things than two posts in one day.

These are the goodies my secret pal sent me. It's hard to tell, but the Silky Wool is a deep purple and I'm trying to decide if I'm going to get more and do a sweater or make the gloves and hat from the Silky Wool book. Probably should do the later as the Stash is of epic proportions and doesn't need increasing. The little gold box had some yummy chocolates in it that went well with the Bowmore I was slugging out of the bottle as I organized the Stash. There's some great notions and a book from my Amazon list in there too. My pal put a lot of thought into this box and I love everything she sent. Thank you secret pal!

This is some of the Stash. This scene sent me into the house for premium scotch and chocolate. It was that or just lie face down on the lawn and ponder what was wrong with me. I thought scotch would be better as the lawn is really dried out and prickly right now. Most of this fit into the cabinets, but I still need one more for the little that remains. The monkey was surprisingly calm about the whole thing. Smiled sweetly when I suggested that I was insane and nodded a little when I said I should never again be allowed to buy wool. He never even asked for a drink! Just went back into what is now the giant, walk-in, wool closet and continued assembling the cabinets. His "get out of jail free" credit is very good right now.
There will be a full (and frightening) tour of the giant, walk-in, wool closet as soon as all cabinets are in place.

I did manage to get a couple of things done this week. The Point o' the Wave stole is finally finished. The color is actually much deeper than this pic shows. More of a deep plum. The insane cardy is also finished and just waiting for buttons. Since Holly will likely want to go to the button store downtown, figured I'd wait and see what they've got rather than start beading buttons. The cardy needs 10 buttons, so I'd rather buy some than make them.
I'm almost caught up again on the Mystery stole. Still have to do two weeks of pattern on one side, but the other side is almost there. Only two more clues and we'll have the whole pattern.


Kerry said...

That's it?

Holly said...

Yes! Button store! Absolutely!

Lavender said...

Ooo! I know the button store you're talking about! That is such a neat place. I always find just the perfect buttons there.

Got a question for you...are you selling your own spindles yet? And where? :D

Lavender said...

And the shawl is gorgeous!

Angela said...

Tour, tour. I'll bring extra scotch ;)

Melanie said...

Print 'o the Wave turned out beautifully - very lush. Your stash photo is great. I showed it to the spouse, so that he could see that my stash Really Is modest.

LisaK said...

That's nut'n! But I could store some of it for you if you want ;-) (kidding, I have my own illness)

The stole is awesome!