Monday, March 27, 2006

Cute cute cute

Tada! I just finished (but not blocked) the Northern Nights Baby Blanket from Hand Maiden. Started March 25, finished March 27. Gotta love the quick and easy projects.
My baby brother and his girlfriend are having a baby girl in August, so I'll be knitting up all sorts of little girly things. A dress in Mandarin Petite and the Bee's Knees hoodie are on deck.

Then there's the socks. I made the mistake of going through the stuff in my Lantern Moon basket in the den. There should be a warning label on those baskets! Something like, "this basket can create a blackhole that will suck in and breed UFOs". I found 8, yes 8 half pairs of socks! I so suck. How on earth did this happen? Have other knitters snuck into my house and left their unfinished socks tucked neatly in the basket and run away snickering?!
Anyhow, I have managed to finish some of the socks. From left to right: Confetti, Opal, Cherry Tree Hill and Blue Moon.

And here's another member of my little family. His name is Loki and he's a 10 year old Schipperke.


Angela said...

What a lucky baby, that is one beautiful blanket.

Does this mean you have 4 new pairs of socks?

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely blanket and I know how soft it is...I agree with Angela, lucky baby... and now you know it's a girl,oh the knitting needles will not be safe now with all the neat things you will create......Great Site Lara, I really like it.

Lavender said...

Wow! Congrats on finishing up those socks! They are gorgeous! You are brave to go through your basket.

Uli said...

So you did make that blanket.... It looks awesome. Just a quick "HELLO". Have fun knitting for the girl. As much as I love my little guy and some of the cute knits.... I do think knitting for little girls is more fun.